Thank you for your participation to the Aquamour Festival!



The  project is sostained by the sea messengers Pierluigi Costa and Lionel Cardin


Artist Collective: more than 30 artists answered the call for the group exhibition on the theme of water at the Italo Bolano Open Air Museum.
Painters, photographers, sculptors, ceramists, all forms of artistic expression are welcome for this water exhibition !
World Water Day Water Contest photography exhibition, sponsored by UNWATER and the European community. Photographer Roberto Ridi, who has been a judge of the contest for several years, will bring to the Italo Bolano Open Air Museum the most beautiful of the award-winning photos over the past four years.
Eizo Sakata, a Japanese painter, coming to the island of Elba for the first time, in artistic residency at the Open Air Museum Italo Bolano, to paint with Elba’s sea water and black ink.

During the Festival it will be possible to follow his progress and when he will present his work on the evening of the closing of the Festival. 



Aquamour documentary: in search of water messengers.

Barbara Albasio and Stéphane Madelin set out to collect testimonies from people, often anonymous, in different parts of the world, to show through concrete and hopeful examples that every citizen can have a positive impact for the preservation of water and nature.



Music is a key element of the Festival, since it is also about waves !

A first concert of world music and Jazz, by French-Brazilian singer Do Montebello accompanied by guitarist Hervé Morisot, will take place Saturday evening, July 30, at the Pisana Fortress in Marciana Alta. 

This will be followed by a musical evening, called Water Cabaret, on August 2 at the Italo Bolano Open Air Museum, where there will be various performances by artists of different styles with their water-themed music and songs. If you would like to participate with your own song, send us an email with your information to sign up.


Art Workshops

The spirit of the Aquamour Festival is to get people to participate as much as possible with experience and creativity. In the calendar you will discover the many initiatives of art and sensory workshops at the Italo Bolano Open Air Museum. Exercise your creativity on the theme of water and become a water messenger.



We have created numerous paths among the sea and the forest, often with artistic touches, in order to celebrate water by being in contact with the Elban sea and nature.


Performances and presentations

Various performances are offered during the festival, such as dances by Elba dancers with Lalita’s works and various presentations on the theme of water: passionate people coming to share their passion for the sea, lighthouses and whales, or coming to tell us how wines are aged in amphorae under the sea and more.



Let’s listen to the festival’s artists, some who have come from far away for the Festival, tell us how they are becoming messengers of water with their art, raising awareness of the preciousness of this vital element.


Treasure Hunt

One more excuse to visit the island of Elba! 

Follow the theme of water, art and love by finding 10 treasures marked on the treasure hunt page available here.

A hunt to be done as a team of minimum of 2 people: just take a picture of the 10 treasures indicated in each of the stages and email them to: by midnight August 5.

The first 3 winning teams will receive a prize of fine tea Tea & Tao to be consumed as a team.

Those who would like to have the printed treasure map can pick it up at the Italo Bolano Open Air Museum (hours: Monday 4-8 p.m. – Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m.-1 p.m./4-8 p.m.) – The first stop is there! 


Download the treasure map in digital version below.


Photo Contest

This is one way to participate in the festival, even if you can’t come to the island this summer. You have a chance to submit your best photo on the theme of water and win a prize.

On Instagram: Just add to posts with your photos on Instagram both tags


Via Mail: Those who prefer can participate by emailing the photo to:

Prizes: For those in Elba – Acqua dell’Elba perfume.

For those further away: you can win an I Ching on Line session.


‘May Water always irrigate our lands and freely hydrate our bodies, as blood and
Love flow in our veins and enlighten our hearts, for a fertile world and a generous
Barbara Albasio

Festival Program


19:00-21:00 / OPENING

Barbara Albasio,
Alessandra Ribaldone
and Marco Albasio

Welcome greeting –
Artist group exhibition visit.

19:00-21:00 / Dancing with water
inspired veils

Luisa Brandi – Lalita,
Maria Paola Gori and
Elba Danza dancers

Dances among the garden monuments and silk veils reproducing seabeds, made by Lalita.

21:00-21:30 / Geologos

Marta Bravi

Geologos sin Fronteras-Italy-ONLUS Presentation. Experienced almost 20 years of water supply projects in rural communities in Africa and Haiti. In recent years they have also been working on environmental education, with small projects aimed at using recycled materials to create common spaces and objects for public use.

21:30-23:00 / Film Aquamour

Barbara Albasio
Stéphane Madelin

Aquamour documentary: in search of world’s water


10:00-12:30 / Health Walk

Francesco Serra

Enjoying the sea, the forest, and Giuseppe Camerini’s art while tasting tea.

21:30-23:00 / Concert

Do Montebello
and Hervé Morisot

The Franco-Brazilian singer, accompanied by the French guitarist, takes us on a journey with water themed world music and Jazz.


16:00-18:00 / Tea blending

Fabiola Ruggiero

Collective sensory workshop: let’s create Aquamour-inspired tea with art.

• price: 10,00 € / 10 ppl. max


16:00-18:00 / Raku & Tea

Alessandra Ribaldone
Marco Albasio

Fast pottery Raku workshop, making bowls and sea-themed objects, followed by a tea ceremony.

• price: 25,00 € / 12 ppl. max

21:00-23:00 / Amphorae & Wines

Antonio Arrighi

Pictures and explanation of the technique of aging wine in amphorae immersed in the sea. Followed by tasting.


9:00-12:30 / Follow the Water

Valerie Pizzera

Circular route from San Giovanni with a licensed tour guide, visit of Podere San Marco and the Roman Villa of the Caves with archaeologist Laura Pagliantini, Onde Sonore performance in the cistern of the Villa by Francesca Ria, aperitif in the private garden of Podere San Marco with artistic-musical performance.

• price: 25,00 €

22:00-00:00 / Aquatic Cabaret

Séverine Vasselin,
Guillaume and Gilles, Lucile and Louise, Clara Moati

Cabaret with international
singers and musicians as the evening will go on with the opportunity for you to perform your songs and music performances on the aquatic theme, an Aquajam – open mic session!


10:00-11:00 / AquaZen

Barbara Albasio
and Marco Albasio

Body and breath movements to the rhythm of waves between the sea and the woods.

19:30-20:30 / Space to reflect

Francesco Serra

Sharing poems, reading
texts on the theme of water. You are invited to bring your texts and reflections to share
with us.


16:00-18:30 / Kintsukuroi and Tea

Chiara Micalizzi
and Marco Albasio

We will alternate harmoniously between moments of Tea Ceremony and Kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of fixing what is broken by filling the cracks with gold.
Two practices that offer benefits to the body, mind and soul!

• price: 25,00 € / 12 ppl. max

19:30-20:30 / Roundtable Water, Art, Love

Francesco Serra

Debate with various local
and international artists: Eizo Sakata, Roberto Ridi, Cristina Sammarco, Perrine Angly.
The role of the artist as a
messenger of water.


10:00-12:00 / Clean Water Hike

Stéphane Madelin and
Barbara Albasio

Excursion and shoreline
cleanup to the Paolina Rock by canoe, kayak or stand up paddle (SUP).

• price: 18-25 € / 10 ppl. max

21:30 / Water, life,
lighthouses, sea

Antonello Marchese

Projection of naturalistic
images of marine wildlife and sharing of maritime passions and experiences.


10:00 / Labyrinth Lab

Chiara Micalizzi

We will learn to trace a labyrinth in the sand, and
through a metaphorical walk, you will travel in search of answers to your own questions.
Who knows what treasures you will find?

• price: 10,00 € / 10 ppl. max

19:00 / Water works

Eizo Sakata

Presentation of his artwork made with Elba sea water and ink during his residency at the Museum.

19:30 / Closing night

Barbara Albasio,
Alessandra Ribaldone
and Marco Albasio

Photo contest awards and treasure hunt – Charity auction.

21:00-21:30 / Messengers of the Sea

Pierluigi Costa
e Lionel Cardin

Tell us about their philosophy of harmony with the sea.

21:30-23:00 / Film Aquamour

Barbara Albasio
Stéphane Madelin

Aquamour documentary: insearch of world’s water


16:00-19:00 / Nel blu dipinto di blu

Valerie Pizzera

A boat ride to discover the places and history of Jacques Mayol.
Wrapped in stories about the color BLUE we will immerse ourselves in live music with Daniela Soria, Francesco Porro and Massimo Galli and be
captivated by Gemma Messori’s reading. Finally, at sunset, we will dive into a very cool aperitif
of the color of the sea.

• price: 40,00 € / 45 ppl. max

Eventi permanenti

Multiple Artists Exhibition World Water Day Photos

Tasting of typical Elban products by Valter Giuliani
15€ per person

With prizes awarded

With prizes awarded


Event locations

Open Air Museum Italo Bolano / Portoferraio / Procchio / Marciana / San Giovanni / Marina di Campo

Focus on some artists

Eizo Sakata

A Paris-based Japanese visual artist, he paints with black ink and seawater from all over the world, according to an experimental and poetic process, with a gentleness of small movements that emerge and the wonders that chance reserves.

Do Montebello

A sunny, moving and committed artist through her albums ‘Adamah’ and ‘Birdy Heart,’ Do Montebello enchants the audience at the festivals where she performs. Toninho Horta, with whom she has recorded, said of her that “her voice is an inspiration to those who accompany her.” For the AQUAMOUR Festival on the island of Elba, accompanied by the guitar of Hervé Morisot, Do Montebello will sing of the Earth, the Sea, and the preciousness of Water in connection to Humans.

Roberto Ridi

Elban, professional photographer, explorer of different techniques and shooting methods, becomes a narrator of images of many places as well as of his island told through solo exhibitions and publications in many magazines and photo books. He boasts numerous collaborations and for the past four years he has been a judge of the international World Water Day Photo Contest endorsed by UNWATER and the European Community. He will bring us the most beautiful award-winning photos at the Aquamour Festival exhibition.

Perrine Angly

After an artist residency on Vancouver Island in 2009 where Perrine Angly had the privilege of working with Victor Reece, she felt the need to pay homage to Water by creating archetypal ephemeral forms to place on its surface. Through her mandalas, she questions Water’s ability to receive external influences and to memorize what is happening in its surroundings.

Cristina Sammarco

Born in Paris in 1977. An engineer, she followed her passion, graduating in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. She has lived in Milan, Rome and ten years ago she moved to her beloved island of Elba, where she currently lives and works as a visual artist. In recent years she has put her artistic activity side by side with her teaching. She never stops being inspired by salt and wind.

Luciano Regoli

Luciano Regoli, portrait painter, has toured the world performing portraits of famous personalities. Since the 1980s he has resided and worked on the island of Elba, where he founded the Valle di Lazzaro School, which aims to return to and to safeguard figurative painting through a teaching that respects the artistic, ethical, moral and universal values of Great European Painting. In recent years he has devoted himself to sacred painting and the writing of his forthcoming Treatise
on Painting.

Italo Bolano

(Portoferraio 1936 – Prato 2020) Italo Bolano, born in Elba, studied art in Florence and taught drawing and art history in state schools. He traveled to various countries around the world.

His painting has moved from figurative expressionism to abstract expressionism. In a green valley on the outskirts of Portoferraio, Bolano since 1964 has created the Open Air Museum art park, 30 monuments in harmony with Mediterranean nature.

20 of his works in ceramic, steel and dallas glass are scattered around the island, and make up the Expanded Museum of Modern Art of the Island of Elba. At Forte Falcone (Portoferraio)
he has donated a museum of his ceramics to the municipality. His works are exhibited in Italy and in Europe.

Belinda Biancotti

She is a young artist from Elba, painting all her life. Hers are “portraits of the soul.” In fact, Belinda loves to portray her characters by highlighting salient features of the personality of those she portrays. She says of herself, “I paint to bring to light the potential present in each person so that they become aware that they have within themselves all the resources to realize their dreams.”

Open Air Museum

The Open Air Museum is a historic contemporary art museum conceived and created by Elban artist Italo Bolano in 1964, an international crossroads of art and culture, now a dynamic place ready to welcome artists and the public thanks to the many initiatives offered. It is also a place where man, having known his limits, seeks an encounter with his fellows and, meditating on nature and art, can initiate himself into knowledge

Thank You!

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Barbara Albasio

President and founder of Sensi, Ateliers Arts & Sens, co-author of CREATIVE ATTITUDE - Co-founder of Mission Aquamour20 - Water Art & Love

Francesco Serra

Writer and journalist with a degree in political philosophy from the University of Pisa.

Alessandra Ribaldone

President of the Italo Bolano Foundation and head of the Open Air Museum

Marco Albasio

Tea & Tao Co-Founder

Stéphane Madelin

Producer of the Aquamour documenntary. Passionate about the sea and travel

Graphic Design: Deidamia Pelé