‘May Water always irrigate our lands and freely hydrate our bodies, as blood and Love flow through our veins and enlighten our hearts, for a fertile world and a generous humanity.’ ~ Barbara Albasio


Aquamour gives a voice to water !

Our goal is to highlight inspiring initiatives that protect water and its ecosystem.
To raise awareness and encourage all citizens to love water and to become ‘water messengers’, through artistic, sensory, educational and engaging activities.

A world tour

It all begins with a couple’s journey …
Barbara Albasio, an Italian woman from Elba, and Stéphane Madelin, a Frenchman of Breton origin, decided, at the age of 50 something, to travel the world and collect the stories of inspiring people who act to protect water and marine ecosystems.

A documentary

From this journey, a documentary was born, “Aquamour: meeting the world’s ‘Water Messengers“.
Schools, associations, communities, forums, festivals, companies… the film carves its path to raise awareness of the preciousness of water, a vital element and yet so threatened here on earth.

Encouraged by the success of the first festival in Italy and by the enthusiasm of the Pléneuf-Val André’s town council, Stéphane and Barbara chose this Breton home base to give life to the new Aquamour Association.
Stéphane grew up in this wild coast , and it is here that the couple regularly comes to connect to nature.


A first festival on Elba island in 2022

The festival is a way to continue the journey and carry the message of water through the encounters and experiences of the participants. It is an idea that first took shape in Italy in the summer of 2022, on the island of Elba in the wonderful Italo Bolano Open Air Museum – see website

Several painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors, film makers, many local and international artists, but also guides and writers, inspired by the theme of WATER happily responded to the invitation to participate in this water festival.

The Aquamour Festival 2023

Pléneuf-Val-André - Bretagne 

The Aquamour Festival, with its nomadic vocation, will return to Brittany in the spring of 2023, with many participative activities and artistic events. It is in Pleneuf-Val André that the town hall enthusiastically welcomed the Aquamour Festival.
On the menu of this 2023 Festival edition in Brittany, you will find a collective art exhibition on the theme of water, the screening of the documentary film Aquamour, music concerts, artistic and wellness workshops, outdoor aquatic activities and hikes, testimonies of ‘water messengers’ and water experts, a photo contest, an Aquaguide…

Thank you to all the artists, volunteers and partners for their support, welcome and trust.
The majority of activities during the festival are free.

Thank you!

The artists of the festival

Japanese artist painting with sea water

“When I used Dead Sea water I found that the drawing never dried. I used this amazing feature in a work I did for a solo exhibition in Nagoya in 2015. The idea was to make drawings of water drops on a window, each pattern consisting of water droplets from the Dead Sea.”

Messenger of the sea

Antonella Avataneo, born in Piedmont, settled in Elba. She works intensively in the field of art, both as an artist and as a teacher.
Always curious to experiment, she has explored many techniques, from painting to plastics, always striving to express new sensations and concepts. Over the years, he has taken part in group and solo exhibitions and national and international awards with numerous good reviews.
Her latest experiments are ephemeral installations, often used as site-specific theatre sets.

Artist and photographer from Brittany

“My photographic work is a questioning of the way we look at what surrounds us, and especially the way we project that look. The extension of the eye that is the camera helps me to highlight fleeting details, sources of inspiration and wonder. I capture the substance of my images in the protean life of water, through its incessant movement. The transparency, the play of light, the colours, the strange graphics on the surface of the water challenge my eye and structure my research. I also scrutinize the clouds which induce changing snapshots and metamorphoses with multiple and fleeting combinations. My photographic intention: to question and enchant the eye!”

Self-taught artist working terracotta with raku

“Attracted by the plastic arts since childhood, I found a few years ago in modelling, and particularly in the Raku technique, a way to years ago, I found in modelling, and more particularly in the Raku technique my favourite means of expression to express my creativity, my pleasures, my desires, my dreams.
Having lived on the Breton coast, near the Gulf of Morbihan, I also attach particular importance to highlighting the richness of our natural of our natural heritage through representations of the terrestrial and and underwater fauna of our region.
My work is also inspired by my passion for the marine world. The
underwater photographs taken during my travels are then used as models for as models for my future creations.

Land art artist

After an artist residency on Vancouver Island in 2009 where Perrine Angly had the privilege of working with Victor Reece, she felt the need to pay homage to Water by creating archetypal ephemeral forms to place on its surface. Through her mandalas, she questions Water’s ability to receive external influences and to memorize what is happening in its surroundings.

French plastic artist

Athali is a visual artist living between Nantes and Brittany. Her artistic research on metamorphosis, the strength and fragility of living beings, and silent lives are anchored in the essential element of water.
In her organic iconography, she defends the idea that this element is a catalyst for our imagination.

“Singing is letting yourself be crossed by invisible clarity”

A sunny, moving and committed artist through her albums ‘Adamah’ and ‘Birdy Heart’, Do Montebello enchants audiences at the festivals where she performs. Toninho Horta, with whom she has recorded, said of her that “her voice is an inspiration to those who accompany her.
For the AQUAMOUR festival in Brittany, she will be accompanied by Marc Berthoumieux on accordion, Hervé Morisot on guitar and Ricardo Fernandes Pinto on bass. Do Montebello will sing of the Earth, the Sea, and the preciousness of Water in connection to humans.

Musician, inventor of the dolphinophone

Musician, playing the Australian instrument didgeridoo, étienne created the dolphinophone, an instrument that allows him to communicate with dolphins. in addition to the didgeridoo, he plays the drum, the flute, the Jew’s harps, the Tibetan bowl, the gong, the tongue drum, the sanzas, the chimes, and many atypical sound accessories.

The film

To whet your appetite, here is an extract from the 15-minutes documentary.

Have a good trip!

School, association, town hall, company, NGO, you have a project around water?


Join the community of ‘water messengers’, passing on inspiring practices to save water in all its forms.

To support the Aquamour association, we offer three options:

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Want to go further?

The Aquaguide

Here is a map with some of the ‘sister’ associations we have identified in France
 that offer various activities to protect water and its ecosystem.

The Founders

Barbara Albasio

Mediterranean, passionate about nature, art and creativity, Barbara has worked as a marketing, communication and events manager in multinational companies (l'Oréal and Renault). In 2007 she founded her company Sensi Ateliers Arts & Sens, bringing the artistic experience to leaders, managers and their teams, to develop creativity, well-being and relationships in companies. Co-author of the book CREATIVE ATTITUDE, to inspire, motivate, collaborate and innovate in companies, published by Dunod, Barbara is convinced that with the creative resource we can find solutions to move towards a more respectful and harmonious world.

Stéphane Madelin

After studying history and political science, Stéphane worked in production companies in Scotland and France. Today he is a project manager and bilingual journalist at Pronto Prod Paris. He has managed numerous audiovisual projects for companies. Stéphane is also the production manager for the following documentary series "Ville en Fête" (Voyages),"Héroines de nature" (Ushuaia, TF1), "Gare Centrale" (Disney) shot all over the world. Passionate about sailing and windsurfing, Stéphane has always been sensitive to the protection of the ocean.

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