Created in 2007 by Barbara Albasio, Sensi Ateliers Arts & Sens is an innovative method for developing the collective intelligence of managers and their teams through artistic and sensory experience.

In the form of workshops, tailor-made and guided by professionals, participants experience situations of awakening the senses and stimulating the capacity for innovation, through the encounter and experience of crafts.

Much more than a classic team building, Sensi workshops, through their sensory imprint, strengthen team cohesion, improve collaboration and promote well-being, while developing the creative spirit. These are all essential assets for the development of employee talents and for the performance of the company as a whole.

About Barbara Albasio

Italian, globetrotter and multilingual, having lived and studied in different countries (USA, Italy, Kuwait, France), she studied international management at Paris Dauphine. A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, she also holds an MBA in the United States.

After working in marketing at L’Oréal, she joined Renault in the direction of brand strategy, then in international communication.

Passionate about crafts, she trained in theater, sculpture, dance and yoga.

In difficult moments of her life, she quickly realizes that artistic practice is the best medicine. She therefore decides to bring these artistic and sensory experiences to companies to benefit the professional world and gives herself as a mission
to re-enchant life in the business world.

In 2007, she created the company Sensi Ateliers Arts & Sens to develop relationships, well-being and creativity within companies.

Amazed at the benefits of creativity on people and organizations, she co-wrote with Guillaume Cravero, the book CREATIVE ATTITUDE, DUNOD editions, to encourage managers and leaders to adopt creativity in the company.

In 2019, driven by her desire to travel and her love for WATER, Barbara created with her companion, Stéphane Madelin, the Aquamour20 project. Together, they set off on a responsible world tour, in search of positive initiatives for the protection and safeguarding of water and marine ecosystems. On their return, in 2020, they put together the documentary film Aquamour20 to raise awareness about the preciousness of water.

A committed company

Driven by the desire to develop ever more responsible and united workshops, Sensi Ateliers is committed to the Aïda association:

The first association created by high school students in Europe, Aïda Association mobilizes nearly 80,000 young people in France each year – 80% of whom are under 18 years of age – who work for other young people of their age affected by cancer.

They make daily visits to the hospital and thus supports nearly 2,200 patients in 50 departments and 15 cities in France.

For each workshop  organized, Sensi Ateliers pays 5% of the price excluding VAT to the Aïda Association.

Creative Attitude

inspire, motivate, collaborate and innovate in business

In this book, Barbara Albasio and Guillaume Cravero take you to meet a community of innovative creative decision-makers: managers, leaders, artists and experts. These ManArtGers and Artful Leaders, heroes of the 21st century, share their thoughts and experiences to inspire, motivate, collaborate and innovate in business.

“CREATIVE ATTITUDE fills a major gap in managerial thinking and literature. It does so in an original, creative and concrete way. I am convinced that there is no business manager, large or medium, which does not find there material for reflection, action and progress.”

Louis Schweitzer, Honorary Chairman of Renault

“We have entered the age of permanent disruption. Few predictions hold true. That is why we need creativity and leaders, leaders and managers, who excel in innovation. In a world of failure , CREATIVE ATTITUDE will guide them to success. A must read. “

Nancy J. Adler, Professor of Management at McGill University in Montreal, Author of Leadership Insight

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