Sensi Events

Over time, Sensi has been led to organize workshops and events from the smallest to the largest, in France and abroad.

Sensi organizes Workshops and events from the smallest to the largest, from the proximity of personalized coaching to the show bringing together several hundred people from all countries

Each time, events co-created with the client, the artists and the partners.
Unique events, innovative, surprising and full of emotion, in form and substance: management committees who sing to tell a new strategy, employees who paint Street Art to transmit team values, managers of human resources who play on the stage of a Parisian theater to tell about a new organization …

From the proximity of personalized artistic coaching, to speak while singing at a convention, to the show bringing together several hundred leaders, from all countries (Kingfisher group leadership seminar, Castorama etc.), such as the launch of a new organization (creation of Sorbonne University), or the celebration of an important anniversary date (250 years of Hennessy), or to echo an international event (The voice of tea during the COP21 at RENAULT or participation in Universal EXPO in Italy), Sensi Ateliers Arts & Sens has always succeeded in responding to new challenges and challenges with great professionalism and enthusiasm.

On the strength of all these experiences, we have developed a know-how that we can offer you.

Sensi Plus

For all your events, conventions, seminars, birthdays and special and festive occasions.

Sensi offers you a photo and video report service to keep beautiful images as a souvenir.

Sensi finds you: extraordinary places, delicious meals, talented artists to embellish your event.

Sensi offers you the opportunity to personalize your corporate gifts, with refined teas and delicious charming treats in partnership with cosedite and teantao 

Sensi also offers you the opportunity to find artistic and innovative objects for your employees.

Speaking several languages ​​and open to the world, Sensi organizes your workshops, seminars and events in France, Italy, and in any country of your choice!

Contact us to take stock of your event.