An innovative method for developing the collective intelligence of managers and their teams through artistic and sensory experience.

In the form of workshops, Sensi is a program to awaken the senses and stimulate the capacity for innovation, through the encounter and experience of crafts.

These workshops, made to measure and conducted by professional artists, create team cohesion, promote well-being and stimulate creativity, which are essential assets for the performance of the company.

By creating works of art, first individually and then collectively, creativity is released. Expressing feelings and experiences through group experience is an effective way to develop collective intelligence.
Below you will find a wide range of sample workshops to inspire you.

Knowing that all our workshops are tailor-made for you, according to your objectives, needs and desires, the schedules are a minimum indication, the ideal workshop duration will be determined together with you.
During a Sensi workshop, you are the artist, sometimes sculptor, dancer, actor, calligrapher, singer, painter, according to your choice… You stimulate your creativity by giving free rein to the genius that is buried in you! .

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