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How to live and work together? What place for a leader today?  The art of cooperation is probably the most fundamental human issue of the twenty-first century, facing any social group, whether it is a company, an orchestra, an association or a country.

Through interactive methods and a sensitive approach, you will enter the world of orchestra, a world of experts, of sensibilities, of egos, of projects that need to be endlessly successful, of high standards … Above all, a world of humans in cooperation, in which the action takes place through senses and responsibility (collective and individual).


Alone we go faster, together we go further!

From 1:30 hours


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Creativity is a powerful tool for team building and collaboration: thanks to a common creative project, people get to know each other better, they forge ties and become more motivated and more innovative.

During this fun and interactive workshop, you will experiment with creative techniques to boost team spirit and come out even better together!  Creating alone is already very fun, together it’s even better.

From 1:30 hours


Develop your inner resources to find well-being and energy
by rebalancing Body, Mind and Spirit. 

These periods of social distancing, with their ‘yoyo’ of emotions and uncertainties have more than ever put our resilience to the test by upsetting our balance and that of those around us (families, employees, customers, etc.). 
Your employees need a REBOOST!

It’s an online session (on the platform of your choice), interactive, fun and creative to cultivate resilience and endurance,
and regain balance, optimism, confidence and efficiency.

These ingredients contribute to the well-being and fulfillment of each person, and are necessary for the development and growth of the company. Sharing this collective experience in a moment of collaboration will help strengthen employee cohesion.

From 1:30 hours


Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success.

Welcome to a unique interactive workshop, dedicated to teams that wish to reach new levels of connection and performance. The program is a conscious journey through three key aspects that constitute a healthy team: its connection with the ecosystem, the relationship between its members and leadership skills of its members.

Through fun and unique experiences, the teams develop confidence, draw a shared vision and experience the rhythm of cooperation. Individual team members experience powerful tools to take their own leadership to the next level.

From 1:30 hours


The evolution of leadership towards the innovative decision maker of the 21st century

Become an ‘Artful leader’ and learn to master your mental processes and improve your ability to lead. Your curious and open state of mind will be your ally.

You can evolve into a more effective leader that begins by setting an example and progresses by creating a network of people who are happy to cooperate towards a common goal.

This workshop uses our natural ability to be creative in a systemic way to achieve high efficiency in reaching objectives.

From 1:30 hours


The ancient wisdom teaches you how to grow your team and grow your business through these uncertain times.

For thousands of years, emperors, kings, and philosophers have looked to this practice for guidance.  More recently, a founding figure of modern psychology such as C.G. Jung accredited it as a tool to connect through your subconscious to deep knowledge you did not even know you had.

In this workshop, team members will learn the fundamentals of decision making and tackle real-life issues through a process that combines I Ching’s subconscious work with communication between team members. The process itself is a useful tool that can be used every day to overcome life’s obstacles, as well as to improve team cohesion and modus operandi to increase productivity and happiness at work.

From 1:30 hours


Collective and creative intelligence on the move

Collective intelligence promotes people’s creativity, innovation, motivation and commitment. The emerging capital of the collective is much more than the sum of the intelligences of individuals.

This workshop is framed by a precise method of co-development, where the participants of the group make themselves available towards a real problem to provide advice and feedback. It’s a reverse training process where you learn from your peers, in a caring and constructive atmosphere.

The method is very powerful and efficient, using a short and rhythmic time so that everyone comes out a winner: both people who have exposed their problems to the group as well as those who have contributed their know-how and their interpersonal skills with a listening and welcoming posture.

From 1:30 hours


Co-create, think, make strategic decisions, it maybe as easy as child’s play!
A range of workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method

Thanks to the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and a collaborative approach, participants build their own approach and learn to think together and co-create their strategy. Here are some examples of possible applications:

Make your teams aware of social and environmental issues

Your teams will have the opportunity to reflect on social and environmental issues by modeling their concerns and expectations with Lego bricks, to transpose the Socio-economic  responsability policy into management activities and make it concrete.

Taming the Beast

The “Taming the Beast” workshop helps organizations discuss present and future challenges to make the organization more agile.
A beast is a difficult question to grasp. It absorbs all the mental energy on a daily basis.

Using this method, participants model ‘the Beast’ and clarify its characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. They shed light on the dark sides and uncover the possible angles of attack to master it, identify it well, help them understand what to do in the future.

Scenario Planning

In times of great uncertainty, the strategy is defined “in real time” in the form of gradual readjustments according to events. 
This approach requires the development of transversal skills such as flexibility and autonomy, creativity and initiative.

In this workshop participants explore together what can happen. They don’t make predictions of what will or should happen, they focus on the possible and the plausible and the potential implications.
This approach reinforces the resilience of the team to readjust the strategy in real time in the face of the unforeseen.

starting from 1/2 day to 2 days


Porcelain is beautiful and fragile, just like life, both can shatter into a thousand pieces, but you don’t have to stop living intensely for that.

With Kintsukuroi you can learn to “pick up the pieces”, embrace imperfection and make it precious


what is Kintsukuroi and the principles upon which this ancient Japanese art is based

through this metaphor, on imperfection (in an object, an event, in your life)

this technique with a bowl and you will find new meanings for facets of yourself or your life that you do not like

with you a unique piece of art that will remind you of this experience

From 1:30 hours