Spectacles vivants


Uncover the artistic talents of your teams and set them into music!

Your employees participate in an event to celebrate music. Accompanied by professionals, they will record themselves in the studio.  A video clip is then made with all the recordings and shared with your teams.  It is also possible to organize a Talent Show where each talent discloses their work to the other participants.

Carried out face-to-face or online, this activity will offer a real playful break to your employees, allowing them to escape from everyday life, to share a friendly moment and strengthen team cohesion. An unusual memory they will never forget!

1:30 hours


 Express, feel and communicate through music, rhythm and dance in complete freedom!

In this workshop you will explore different sensations and share a friendly musical moment with your employees, without the need for prior musical knowledge or technique.  Feel the strength, emotion and enthusiasm of being all together, with the freedom to move forward with confidence towards a co-constructed future.

1:30 hours


Let your voice come out to express your personality

In this workshop, you will explore the universe of voice beyond the usual functionalities (speaking, singing) to discover sound, put yourself in tune with yourself, listen to the life that flows within you. To meet your voice is to meet yourself with clarity. The sound travels within us and we are the astonished spectators of places which are often overlooked.  Trust your voice. Make your voice an asset of your personality.

1:30 hours


Seduce your audience like a performing artist “Where speech stays with the words, the word engages the body.”

Business actors are often called to become real actors in front of a real audience. When speaking in public, executives and managers must convey a clear message, captivate their audience without becoming destabilized.

Public Speaking is more akin to practices borrowed from the performing arts than to business life, Sensi offers business players the chance to decode, demystify and appropriate it through theater and singing experiences. These disciplines fit better than any other with the constraints of oral expression in front of a demanding audience, of any size.

1:30 hours


Expressing oneself, showing and seeing from one’s body as a vehicle of expression

In this workshop, you will be an actor and live an actor’s experience.

After initial team warm-up work, you will perform exercises, games, learning and theatrical performances that will make you aware of the importance of body communication, listening and exchange, confidence and risk-taking, openness and imagination … all of which are precious assets for effective communication and joint and cohesive teamwork.

1:30 hours


Source of inspiration and education for leaders and managers Experience the journey of the conductor enabling to play together skillfully and in unison!

Guided by a conductor, through interactive and fun musical exercises, you will experience the various facets of this role: leading while trusting and delegating, identifying and developing talents, and creating a team spirit. The sensory memory of this exercise will allow you to reinforce the key skills of leaders and managers. You interact with a professional conductor who uses concrete examples and methods.  Teaching and practice go hand in hand with pleasure and joy.

1:30 hours


Express, feel and communicate through music, rhythm and voice, all in a register

In this workshop, you will explore your voice in all its states through breath, body, rhythm, song and music. You will realize the importance of listening and team communication, the power of the group when you sing in a choir in unison and rhythm. Guided by a choirmaster, you will be introduced to different musical genres, from gospel to pop or variety song.

1:30 hours


Expressing and feeling through sounds and rhythms

In this workshop, you will be a composer and musician. From the time of creation to the passing in front of the audience.  You will perform exercises, games and musical performances that will make you aware of the importance of listening and sharing, openness, confidence and risk-taking, teamwork, all valuable assets for effective communication.

1:30 hours


We will make you sing!

Make your own music video! Record together the song of your
choice, in the conditions of a professional studio.
Stéphane will accompany you at every step to help you reveal your talents, with
music and pictures!
A mobile studio that will be installed in the location of your choice, or it can be a virtual studio for a 100% digital experience.
At the end of this cooperative, fun and creative workshop, you will receive a quality video of your work (mixed and
edited by a professional), which you can then view / share as many times as you want!
Shape your voiceprint as a team, it will remain engraved!

1:30 hours


Travel around the world in music and rhythm

Guided by Sebastien, professional musician, through musical extracts, we try to situate ourselves in a country, an era or even a decade. During this musical journey, you will be brought

to discover examples of Brazilian, Cuban, African, West Indian, Italian or French music … and you will be invited to enter the music as one enters a dance, through the body, the rhythm and the voice

1:30 hours


“A group, a groove, a creation”
Express, feel and communicate through music, rhythm, song
During this Sensi workshop you are a performing artist.
After essential warm-up work, guided by Frède,
you perform body and voice expression exercises in rhythm and in music,
to co-create your unique performance together.
This free and creative moment allows everyone to feel
cohesion and pride in belonging, in joy and confidence.

1:30 hours


Express, feel and communicate through music, the rhythm of the samba school

In this Sensi workshop, you are a percussionist from the samba school preparing for the Rio Carnival. Guided by the Mestre and his team, you participate in the creation of the batucada show of the Samba school.

La Batucada is the percussion orchestra that accompanies a samba school during the Rio Carnival. Composed of around 300 sambists, it is not intended for musicians but for residents of the school district.

Each instrument is therefore very easy to access. You will each choose your instrument and play together excerpts from the repertoire of the Rio samba schools and feel the values ​​and energy that are attached to this music.

All together you will produce a batucada show like at the Rio de Janeiro carnival! It is an unusual experience which marks the memories. It is a privileged moment to relax together.

2 possible variations:

Batucada + singing: 1h15 to 1h30

Batucada + song + dance: 2:30 to 3:00

It’s musical, authentic and like in Rio, the batucada is always there to accompany singing.

1:30 hours