Experience CREATIVE ATTITUDE, a new management philosophy!

In a rapidly changing world, marked by uncertainties, chaos and crises, what can we do: resist or evolve?

How to let go of old habits and adopt new ones, how to view change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle?

How to create solid and valuable collaborations, to be safe and work better together in this world in transition?

During a hands-on conference, Barbara Albasio, founder of Sensi Ateliers Arts & Sens and co-author of CREATIVE ATTITUDE, will offer you key factors at work to stimulate and train the creative spirit, develop talent and well-being, creating bonds and fostering collective intelligence.


 Unprecedented resourcing for employees

This is an innovative format to bring inspiration, change of scenery and open-mindedness to employees through a journey into the world of an artist!

The meeting takes place each time with a different talented artist (photographer, singer, actress, painter …) who will share with us new moments of his artistic life and offers the audience participation in an experience with him!

2-step program

1st step: view the film on the artist’s backstage and his artworks

2nd step: meet the artist live


A responsible trip around the world of a citizen couple, looking for initiatives for the protection and love of water.

“Without water, there is no life on Earth!”
Inspired by the film “Tomorrow”, Barbara and Stéphane went to collect evidences from people committed and perceptive to the protection of water and marine ecosystems all over the world. Objective: to show that every citizen of the world can have a positive impact for the preservation of water and nature.

The film may be shown in companies during a corporate event. (such as water day, environment conscience, earth day …).

 This broadcast can be followed by a moment of discussion, a conference, workshops, an exhibition (photos), for this initiative to make a lasting impression.